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The word Nihilism is derived from the Latin word 'nihil', which means 'nothing'. Nihilists believe that values are falsely invented. nihilism is also be used to describe the idea that life, or the world, has no distinct meaning or purpose. Nihilists believe that there are no true morals.

Nihilism is a branch of philosophy which has been interpreted in multiple ways and is generally traced back to the works of German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche. The term is derived from the Greek word ‘nihil’ which means ‘nothing.’ Nietzsche defines nihilism as a philosophical idea popularly practised in the Western culture. The term ‘nihilism’ is employed by Nietzsche is various contexts, with various meanings. Nihilism as a philosophy is associated with the thought that human values are inherently baseless and nothing in the universe can be truly understood or communicated. A practitioner of nihilism, called a nihilist, does not have faith in moral or social values and they reject social, political, and religious institutions.

The most popular branch of nihilism is existential nihilism which perpetuates the idea that life has no meaning. This, by extension, would imply that all human experiences – achievements, failures, pursuit of knowledge, suffering, and human feelings – are consequently meaningless. As a topical philosophical idea that reigned throughout the 20th century, nihilism inspired several scholars, artists, philosophers, social critics, and intellectuals such as Martin Heidegger, Albert Camus, and Franz Kafka. Notably, nihilism is not only related to scepticism, but is also associated with an urge to cause destruction.



As one of the chief arguments of nihilism, moral nihilism advances the notion that moral values or ethics have no objective existence or justification, they are not verifiable universal truths, but they are constructed and imposed by human being. As such, morality does not exist in an objective sense, and there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ According to moral nihilism, morality and ethics are invented by human societies so that they can bestow the concepts with social, religious, psychological, or economic connotations to serve their own purposes.

Therefore, a moral nihilist would not agree to the idea that ‘murders are inherently wrong’ because morals are not universal truths. While moral nihilism rejects morality as meaningless, some practitioners of nihilism contend that morality remains a useful tool within a society. It is important to differentiate moral nihilism from relativism, which as a philosophical idea states that things can be relatively right or wrong, depending upon the context. In doing so, relativism continues to rest faith in inherent moral values, which are modified by contexts.


Epistemological nihilism is related to ‘episteme’ or ‘knowledge’ and is the philosophical proposition that knowledge does not exist or in case it does, it is not attainable by human beings. Human understanding of the cosmos is often cited to defend epistemological nihilism, with focus on the fact that the universe is infinite, and our knowledge of the universe is constrained to an extent where it could be considered negligible.

This branch of nihilism, along with others, rejects the idea of God, based on the argument that knowledge about the existence of God cannot be scientifically defended or such knowledge remains beyond the grasp of human minds. It also stresses on the fact that existent ‘knowledge’ can be dismissed at any point upon the discovery of new knowledge, and therefore knowledge does not exist as an absolute truth. An example could be the scientific theory that suggested the sun revolves around the earth, which was discarded on the discovery of the fact that earth indeed revolves around the sun. Likewise, the Judeo-Christian ‘story of origin’ was dismissed by sceptic minds following Charles’ Darwin’s proposition of the theory of evolution.



Existential nihilism proposes that human existence neither has an inherent meaning nor an inherent purpose. The existence of humankind as a species is considered to be inconsequential, and so is the existence of individuals. Existential nihilism believes that humankind shall not have an impact on ‘existence’ as a whole, for they are not even aware of the reason of their own existence. This once again considers the scope of the universe (and perhaps multiverses) where human existence is objectively insignificant in temporal-spatial terms. However, the existential branch of nihilism simultaneously suggests that human beings are responsible for finding their own ‘meanings’ and ‘purpose’ of existence.

This is the most extensively studied and practised division of nihilism. Existential nihilism is regarded as an amalgamation of the theories of nihilism and existentialism, where the former dismisses all values and suggests the absence of purpose and meaning, and the latter insists on the discovery of individual meanings and purpose. One of the chief proponents of existential philosophy was French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre; thus, existential nihilism evolved with significant contributions from Sartre and Nietzsche, two leading intellectuals who shaped the thoughts of the 20th century Western world.


In the physical realm of existence, human beings are surrounded by myriad material objects that are composed of individual parts, and these parts in turn are composed of subparts. For instance, a wall is a material object which is composed of parts such as bricks; the bricks in turn are composed of materials which have been combined, treated chemically, and shaped into bricks. These sub-elements can be further broken down into a combination of other elements.

Mereological nihilism suggests that material objects never exist as wholes, but they are merely assemblies of other objects. As such, a wall has no existence but is an assemblage of bricks. These parts and subparts are referred to as ‘physical simples’ which are organized spatially in a manner to persuade our perceptual faculties to interpret them as whole objects. Mereological nihilism has also been considered as an approach towards quantum mechanics.


Metaphysical nihilism proposes that material objects and physical constructs do not exist in the ‘possible worlds.’ The key idea extended by metaphysical nihilism is that of the ‘possible worlds’ where either material objects do not exist, or even if they do exist in these possible worlds, there is at least one such possible world which is composed solely of abstract objects.


Metaphysical nihilism bases its propositions on subtraction theory, which was propounded by Thomas Baldwin. According to Baldwin, firstly, there could be many finite things in a possible world. Secondly, there is a possibility that each of these finite things might not have existed. Thirdly, removing one of these finite things does not logically guarantee that an alternative would have to be introduced. Fourthly, deducing from the first three possibilities, it could also be said that in the possible worlds there could be no existent physical entities at all. Thus, according to metaphysical nihilism, it remains a possibility that all physical entities could be removed from a possible world, leaving it with no physical entities whatsoever.


‘Ontology’ is a philosophical concept related to ‘being’ or ‘existence,’ and ontological nihilism negates being, that is, it claims that no individual really exists. This branch of nihilism is largely discredited as opposed to mereological nihilism, which is compared to scientific ideas. Nevertheless, the arguments proposed by ontological nihilism are encouraged for the purpose of theoretical debates. To consider the propositions of ontological nihilists, one would have to accept such ideas that substances composed of atoms do not exist, and neither do the subatomic particles which are responsible for the behaviour of said substances. Since individual objects do not exist, neither do macro-entities such as cities or countries. The negation would also apply to values, morals, and beliefs. Ontological nihilism is considered to be an extreme form of nihilism, and the radical scepticism that it promotes dismisses the existence of reality as we know it.

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