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Nursing is the professional practice of providing care to patients and individuals of all ages in need of care, and assistance to doctors in the treatment of patients across settings. The objective of the profession is to help these individuals, their families and the community at large in achieving, maintaining and recovering back to optimal health through proper medical care, assistance and advice. The nursing profession differs significantly from other professions within the healthcare sector in terms of its scope of work, education and training and its approach to providing care. Nursing is governed by a number of rules, regulations and laws. There are three types of nurses based on degree and education in the country namely, Registered Nurses (RNs), Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses (LPNs/LVNs).

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Irrespective of the role, responsibility and specialty, all nurses must be skilled in the scientifically designed nursing process.

The nursing process includes five steps:

  • Assessment: Assessment is the first step towards providing the optimum care and thus it must be carried out with complete attention and care. The basic assessment criteria include the physiological, economic, lifestyle as well as the social condition of the patient.

  • Diagnosis: The patient is then diagnosed for the problem after carefully considering the physical symptoms, vital signs and behavior.

  • Planning: Nurses devise and closely monitor a detailed and realistic care plan to achieve patient recovery goals. Devising the care plan requires deep understanding of the problem and professional expertise.

  • Implementation: The care plan is then implemented with a focus on consistency to achieve the recovery goals within the specified time. The entire process is documented to eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies.

  • Evaluation: The care plan is regularly evaluated to check for its effectiveness and whether it needs any changes to achieve the desired outcome.


HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT HELP: This nursing topic deals with the foundation and basics of normal human anatomy and physiology. The objective here is to get an understanding of how the structure interacts with the functions as well as the general mechanisms that enable and maintain homeostasis in the body. Related topics are cell physiology, histology, and integumentary, muscular, skeletal sensory and nervous systems.

MICROBIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT HELP: Deals with the basic properties of bacteria, eukaryotic microorganisms, viruses and archaea, though the focus is on studying bacteria. Microbiology emphasizes on the diversity found in the microbial world and their and relevance impact on the health and disease of humans. Nurses learn the different approaches to control microbial growth in the environment and to prevent infectious diseases caused by microbes from spreading as well as familiarizing nurses with the interactions between hosts and microorganisms and immune response of the host.

NURSING INFORMATICS ASSIGNMENT HELP: Deals with the analysis of relevant healthcare data and its transformation into actual nursing knowledge. Nurses also examine the information technologies that help in patient care and management of clinical information as well as learn the ethical issues related to healthcare information systems and its impact on healthcare providers and consumers.


STATISTICS FOR EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE ASSIGNMENT HELP: This includes the different types of descriptive statistical methods as well as common parametric and nonparametric tests used and published in healthcare and health sciences research reports. It focuses on the fundamental principles and concepts as well as the interpretation and appraisal of descriptive and inferential statistics used in research. It also includes the ethical issues related to healthcare information systems and its impact on healthcare providers and consumers. Demonstration of statistical skills by manipulating data, performing statistical tests and summarizing their findings in multiple forms (graphical, tabular and narrative) are important practice areas of basic statistics.

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PHARMACOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS ASSIGNMENT HELP: Deals with the study of the principles of drug administration to patients by applying the concepts of chemistry, nursing fundamentals, physiology and pathophysiology integrated into basic pharmacology. The important areas in this field are drug therapy for different body systems, the pharmacological concepts of drug testing and approval, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, dosage calculations, toxic effects and challenges of drug therapy.

PATHOPHYSIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT HELP: Basic concepts of pathophysiology include the disease and injury producing mechanisms, the body’s response to these mechanisms and the clinical signs and evidence of response to therapies and drugs.

COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING ASSIGNMENT HELP: The topic focuses on a broad understanding of community health and the relevance of nursing to it. Promotion of health and prevention of disease within groups or communities, management of individual and family cases, assessment and interventions in the community, factors that impact the delivery and access to health services specific to communities, and environmental hazards make up the epidemiology are the major areas in this field. It also includes specified at-risk populations and their healthcare needs and collaborating with community clinicians to meet and devise plans to meet such needs.

SOLUTIONS TO ADVANCED CLINICAL PROBLEMS ASSIGNMENT HELP: This topic is concerned with the concepts and application of nursing management of adults with an acute or complex illness resulting in alterations in a number of body systems. It focuses on knowledge and ability to implement the nursing process using the vital skill of critical thinking in simulated and actual cases. It also includes the enhancement of professional nursing competencies using technology such as high fidelity human simulation and the process of collaborating with other healthcare professionals to work for restoration and promotion of health.

NURSING CARE TO MOTHERS AND INFANTS ASSIGNMENT HELP: It involves the basics of the childbirth process as well as the care and assistance needs of the childbearing family. The focus is on the various areas related to pregnancy and childbirth such as physiological changes in the mother, high-risk conditions that may impact childbirth, the gradual development of the fetus and the newborn, and health promotion. It also includes the importance of adapting to the bio-psychosocial needs of the family bearing a child with the focus on cultural and ethical issues of the diverse population, the dynamics of childbearing, family theories, stress adaptation, problem solving and critical thinking. Clinical experiences in all types of settings including outpatients, inpatients and community health programs that serve childbearing families are also important to this area of nursing.

NURSING CARE TO PSYCHIATRIC MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS ASSIGNMENT HELP: This nursing topic deals with the basic concepts and clinical applications of nursing in psychiatric mental health problems. Various mental and psychiatric illnesses and the contemporary treatment methods, and the unique impacts of social and cultural factors on mental health are emphasized in understanding the development of care plan for such patients. Clinical exposure in acute, chronic and community settings to understand and apply nursing interventions to mental health problems through hands-on experience is integrated in the course.

NURSING HEALTH ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT HELP: This is an important part of nursing and deals with the basic concepts and skills used to undertake comprehensive health assessment of patients with detailed attention to the physiological, psychological and social aspects of the problem with the view of providing person-specific care. Health assessment also integrates the collection and analysis of patient’s health data that is vital in the planning of safe and effective care in clinical settings. It emphasizes on the importance of collecting accurate and relevant information, the variations in findings and recognizing abnormal findings using data from common illnesses and health problems.

LEADERSHIP IN NURSING ASSIGNMENT HELP: It involves the examination and review of the key theories and roles of management and leadership, professional strategies and processes, management of change, quality and safety, and principles of patient-oriented care. Introduction to problem solving and the process of decision-making, issues related to law and ethics, the use of information technology in nursing are important parts of the courses on leadership. The practice of leadership roles in clinical settings is incorporated in this area.


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Nursing is an important field of study in healthcare. This field helps in maintaining quality of life in a society. Nurses have to take care of the patient and protect their interests and rights at all times. Nursing can also be termed as a scientific study of all groups, families, ages and communities. It not only includes protection of individual but also includes promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It ensures prevention of injury or illness and alleviation of suffering in humans. Nursing as a profession and field of study is gaining popularity among students of UK, Australia and other countries round the world. Nursing has become a diverse field and the roles of nurses include assisting patients with their hygiene needs, giving medications and spreading awareness.

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    Given below are some of the topics nurses have to study before they get their Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery certificates - our professional nursing assignment writers can handle all nursing assignment topics and guarantee you top scores for your assignment.


    • Human Structure and Function [HBS109]
    • Partnerships in Midwifery Care 1 [HNM101]
    • Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 1 [HNN112]
    • Quality and Safety in Health Care [HNN120]
    • Partnerships in Midwifery Care 2 [HNM102]
    • Health Assessment [HNN114]
    • Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 2 [HNN122]
    • Partnerships in Midwifery Care 3 [HNM201]
    • Quality Use of Medicines [HNN215]
    • Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 3 [HNN227]
    • Understanding Health [HBS107]
    • Collaboration in Midwifery Care [HNM202]
    • Mental Health and Illness [HNN222]
    • Challenges in Infant Care [HNM323]
    • Community Nursing Practice [HNN217]
    • The Older Person and Supportive Care [HNN318]
    • Chronic Illness and Supportive Care [HNN319]
    • Midwifery Practice 1 [HNM310]
    • Understanding Research Evidence [HNN108]
    • Child and Adolescent Health [HNN300]
    • Midwifery Practice 2 [HNM311]
    • Complexities in Midwifery Care [HNM313]
    • Leadership and Clinical Governance [HNN320]
    • Issues and Trends in Midwifery Practice [HNM314]
    • Mental Health Promotion [HNN301]
    • Comprehensive Nursing Practice [HNN325]
    • Personal Leadership Philosophy Reflective Paper NLM 100


    Upon completion of your 4 years long undergraduate studies, you will be eligible to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board as a Registered Nurse (RN) and Registered Midwife (RM).



    Nursing is the profession and practice of taking care of the sick, weak, old and infirm individuals. A profession that throws up new challenges everyday, nursing encompasses all things that promote optimization, protection and promotion of healthy habits and abilities in the society. Nursing also seeks to prevent all factors that may cause sickness or injury and for those who are sick or suffering, it is the nurses who tend to them night and day.

    Nurses all over the world work tirelessly to alleviate human suffering. They tend to all age groups, from infants to senior citizens. After completion of your studies, you will become a registered nurse and midwife. A number of career options will open up for you in schools, colleges, universities, old-age homes, hospitals, hospices, community health centres, industries and government organizations. You will have a life-long opportunity for learning, helping and self-improvement. Our experts write nursing assignments for college & university students all over the world. Contact us any time of the day or night, from any location, chat with us or just drop us an email to [email protected] for instant assignment help. We respond to all enquiries within a few minutes.


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