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Law is defined as a system of rules that govern a society, state of country, in order to protect individual members from harm and injustice, maintain social order and above all, uphold justice. Legal systems are formed on the basis of ethical and/or legal beliefs or principles of the constituent members. These legal systems are protected and upheld by the police and courts. Legal systems, as our law assignment help expert will point out, differ from country to country and region to region. Law works on the principle that violation of a law should result in punishment of the guilty. Everyone is considered equal under law. The study of law covers every aspect of human life including the issues related to human rights, politics, business and trade, environment, and international relations

Lawyers are professionals who study the law. They can be termed as central figures in the legal system of any country. Lawyers deal with courtroom cases of all types - from small traffic violations to multi-million dollar scams. They represent both rich and poor clients. You can find lawyers working for giant enterprises, governments, international businesses, NGOs, public interest groups, educational institutions and universities. They may even work on their own. Lawyers specialize in different disciplines and work for different clients.

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Legal managers are qualified lawyers who deal with anything that has got to do with the law of the land. They deal with various disciplines of law such as the following:

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Fundamental legal skills include writing, analyzing and researching legal and constitutional documents. Effective oral and written advocacy are the key skills of a good lawyer. Studying legal authorities, analyzing different laws and predicting and communicating outcomes on various issues are the other important skills concerning law. Critical skills include the areas of analytical reading, spotting important issues and prioritization of facts.


Research in law is based on the knowledge and skills of researching and updating legal and legislative cases and sources of information. Legal concepts, issues and ideas are the foundations on which the study and practice of law are primarily based. They also relate to understanding the historical and philosophical background of law for a wider outlook for research.


Civil procedure is a vast area of law containing rules and codes which deal with all aspects of civil cases. Jurisdictions, rules of filing a case, functions of a mediator and the judgment system are important concerning areas. Criminal procedure on the other hand deals with the theories and principles of criminal law and their application in the analysis of major criminal offenses and defenses. It includes the set of rules that govern the proceedings related to criminal cases with the consideration of constitutional requirements. It also provides the rules of police procedure (investigation and accusation), pre-trial and trial procedure and the guarantee of fair trial.


Constitutional law deals with the interpretation of the United States Constitution and its application to a variety of legal cases since its formation. Major areas include the powers of the federal and state governments, separation of powers, equal protection of the laws, fundamental rights of citizens and administrative requirements. It also deals with the relationships of the federal government with the states, among the states, and the branches of the federal government.

It is an act or behavior of a person that causes injury (interfering with a legal right) or harm (loss or suffering) to another person. According to the law, a tort is much less severe in impact than a criminal act. The law calls the act a “civil wrong” for which the court often imposes a financial penalty. A tort can be both intentional and negligent. Tort law is an extensive area which deals with the codes of dealing with intentional and negligent torts and liability cases. The important concepts include trespassing, liability arising from a product, physical assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The other important areas include defamation, nuisance, interfering with privacy and specific financial torts. Click here for tort law assignment help.


International trade policy deals with the study of laws and institutions which regulate international trade relations. It involves the analysis, development and reforms of trade policies such as import tariffs, export taxes, subsidies, foreign investment and voluntary control on exports. Thus, it is concerned with government policies that directly affect the transaction of goods, services and capital between countries. It also focuses on the evaluation and implementation of trade agreements of national and international importance.


Arbitration laws encompass the rules and practices used to resolve disputes outside the court. In arbitration, the disputing parties agree to respect and follow the decision made by the arbitrator (the judge). Arbitration in the United States can be held anywhere in emergency (ad hoc) or organized in an institution. The proceeding must follow the Federal Arbitration Act and other laws specific to states. The key areas of arbitration laws are the arbitration agreement, the place of proceedings, the governing law of the state, and validity of the agreement. Merits of the dispute, choice of law and respect for the arbitrator are also in arbitration.

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    Professional responsibility in law is based in the continuous development of the legal profession and activities of the Bar Association. The major concerning areas involve the codes and principles of professional responsibility and its challenges. It also deals with the public responsibilities associated with the profession with regard to the codes of legal conduct and trial.


    Trial techniques have been constantly evolving in all types of cases and are aimed at capturing and holding the judge’s interest in the client’s case. The important trial techniques include opening and closing statements, selection of jury, direct and cross examinations, witness preparation and the use of expert witnesses. Communication skills are vital to trial proceeding and are essential to all the concepts related to this area of law.


    Evidence is a thing or item that is used to prove a fact in court. Evidence is one of the most important areas in law and can be the difference between winning and losing a case. The legal concepts of evidence relate to the rules that define and prescribe the things that can and cannot be presented in court as evidence. Also important is to know how to use the evidence in court, and whether it is sufficient to prove a fact. Critically understanding the concepts and application of different types of evidence is crucial in the law profession, especially for lawyers.


    Remedy provides the means to achieve justice in matters involving legal rights of an individual or entity. The law is often concerned with the comparison and evaluation of the remedial goals of property, contracts and torts. Study of remedies also includes the impact of procedural moves on law and equity. Important concepts include the applications of court orders, damages (compensation), equitable remedies (non-financial) and declaratory remedies (how the law applies in specific cases).


    Business law regulates the creation and conduct of business and how it deals with the public, the government and other businesses or companies. It draws heavily from other legal disciplines such as taxation law, employment law, bankruptcy law, sales law, intellectual property law and real estate law. It describes the concepts of business as a legal entity, liability, complex transactions, measures to avoid lawsuits and the functions of a business law attorney. Taxation law provides the set of rules for the government’s claim on the income of citizens and the methods and powers of imposing taxes. It is also concerned with the technical and social issues related to planning and reforms in federal taxation laws. Click here for business law assignment help.


    Immigration laws address a wide range of issues involving individuals from foreign countries entering boundaries of the United States either for visits or to permanently live in the country. Immigration laws regulate legal advice for immigrants, grant of citizenship, the refugee process, visa laws, green card, basics of deportation and the removal process.


    The employment law provides the set of rules and regulations that govern the employer-employee relationships. It defines the crucial terms of employment such as minimum wage, the hours of work, safe working conditions and leave. Other major areas relate to overtime pay, bargaining of terms, workplace discrimination, dispute resolution, labor union and considerations of civil rights.


    Environment laws are a collection of laws, regulations and agreements that defines the way in which people are allowed to interact with the environment. The environment law focuses on the preservation and restoration of air and water quality, management of waste, cleanup of contaminant and chemical safety. It regulates pollution and the use of natural resources such as forests, minerals and livestock and fisheries. The law also determines authorized users and the terms of using natural resources.


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