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The principles of pathophysiology are a combination of two different medical streams, pathology and physiology.

Pathophysiology can be defined as the branch of science that assists medical practitioners in providing the best available medical care and treatment to patients on the basis of symptoms displayed by a patient and how he responds to the treatment. To better understand pathophysiology, lets us first understand two independent streams of physiology and pathology.

Pathology is a branch of science that studies the cause-effect syndrome of a disease on a patient. A pathology student specializes in conducting laboratory examination of body tissue samples to diagnose the disease.

Physiology is a branch of science that studies the normal functions in a living system. A physiology student specializes in ensuring that biological functions are working optimally in an organism. It includes proper functioning of cells, biological compounds, organs and anatomical functions.

Combining the two streams give rise to the principles of pathophysiology. Now,if we go back to the start where we describe pathophysiology, we would find it easier to understand the term.



The importance of pathophysiology in nursing cannot be understated - Pathophysiology forms the basis of nursing education. All healthcare and medicine students need to study pathophysiology in Australia & other countries as well.

Understanding of physiology and anatomy concepts gives a strong knowledge foundation to aspiring students. They can comprehend the body functioning in two different scenarios; when the body is disease-free and when it is not.

Since the first point of contact for a patient in any hospital is a nurse, it is imperative that nursing students acquire hands-on expertise on pathophysiology. This assist them in identifying the issue at hand, without delay, and determining if a patient needs the expert services of a doctor or not. In the absence of key physician, medical specialists and nurses can use their power of perception to relate the existing condition of a patient using pathophysiology.


Nursing students specializing in pathophysiology have to work on assignments covering a broad spectrum of physiological subjects. Such vast subject line makes it difficult for students to gain mastery in all areas.

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Cell & Tissue Functions Assignments: Cell and Tissue Function Assignments study the mechanisms and functions of a body originating at cell level. The assignments work around the kinds of cells and their organization at microcellular level. General principles of pathophysiology work in every assignment writing help.

Integrative Body Functions Assignments: Integrative Body Functions Assignments study different body mechanisms and functions such as sleep, memory, language, consciousness, thought processes and feelings. Pathophysiology nursing writing service experts can write excellent assignments describing various body mechanisms and their research.

Infection and Immunity Assignments: Infection and Immunity Assignments study the relation between immunity and infection, and how lowering of immunity can lead to infections in human body. Infection and Immunity Assignments include areas of Cellular Microbiology, Molecular Pathogenesis, Inflammation and Fungal &Parasitic Infections Assignments

Disease Mechanisms Assignments: Disease Mechanism Assignments study the mechanism and process of origin of diseases in human body. These assignments include a variety of pathophysiological mechanisms of a disease such as Pathophysiology of Dementia, Pathophysiology of Cardiac Disorders and Pathophysiology of Neoplastic Disorders.

Advanced pathophysiology assignments: Advanced pathophysiology course provides pathophysiological knowledge of advanced nursing practices to students, especially in treating pathophysiological disorders amidst tertiary and primary care settings. Courses in advanced pathophysiology focus on studying latest research theories in cellular and genetic diseases mechanisms, selected disorders and immune responses relevant to the pathophysiological aspect of any given illnesses. Nursing students are taught to analyze research lab data in the context of potential and actual pathophysiological processes. Stress is laid on case study presentations of advanced nursing practices, which teaches students how to apply principles of pathophysiology in diverse populations. Principles of pathophysiology ebook by Shane Bullock and Majella Hales is an excellent resource on the subject. Students aiming to master the subject should definitely give bullock and hales principles of pathophysiology a good read.



Principles of pathophysiology is a vast, specialized and difficult area of study. Besides the pain of practical assessments, students require good grades in assessment exercises such as writing research papers on latest emerging practices and trends, pathophysiology case study, penning down reflective journals or reflections.

Nursing students are expected to be competent enough to apply critical thinking, scientific acumen and sharp theoretical application of key pathophysiological concepts while writing their research papers. This much of workload literally forces students to seek pathophysiology assignment help.

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    Studying the fundamentals of pathophysiology is mandatory for every professional in the medical field, including, but not limited to medical service technicians, nurses and medical professionals. Understanding how an illness develops is the key to find out ways and treatments to identify the illness and treat it. Many physicians learn new skills while on the job.

    For example, a radiologist becomes skilled in identifying the structural modifications in case of cancer patients simply by evaluating the same tests every day as part of his job. Day in and day out, he is studying the outcome of structural modifications in hundreds and thousands of patients’ test results.

    Nurses can utilize pathophysiology knowledge to look after terminally ill patients. An illness can manifest itself in different ways in different patients. Therefore, it becomes important for a nursing professional to be directly exposed to a vast number of patients to understand different ways in which an illness can sprout. What is a right line of treatment for one patient may not be right for another.

    Lack of direct exposure to different illnesses may result in a missed or incorrect medical diagnosis. Advanced studies in the field cover practical integration of principles of pathophysiologywith clinical practicesin Australia.


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