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IT (written in upper-case), is the shortened form of "information technology". This term was first used in the year 1958, in an article that was published in Harvard Business Review by the authors Harold J Leavitt and Thomas L. Whistler. Information technology is defined as the user of computers to store, analyze, process and retrieve information. This usually happens in a business or commercial setting where huge amounts of data (information) are stored, analyzed, processed and interpreted. This data can also be used to achieve specific business objectives. The term "information technology" is also used to refer to a computer of a collection of computers, as in a computer network. The use of computers for business has seen huge advances in terms of technical advances and the number of technologies available. Information technology has evolved at a mind-boggling pace and is still continuing to do so. Our IT assignment writers are mandated to keep themselves updated with new and emerging technologies so that we can help our customers better.

Information technology specialists are the ones who cater to all the technology needs of a workplace; they are responsible for developing, implementing and supporting all the IT systems. They not only install the IT hardware and software but also evaluate them on a regular basis to ensure their proper functioning. Their major objective comes out to resolve all the technology-related issues and to enhance the safety and security of data storage.


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Artificial Intelligence: The computational tools that might be used as an alternative to human intelligence in the execution of specific tasks is known as Artificial intelligence. In artificial intelligence, the computer machines simulate human intelligence by being programmed to understand the environment like humans and take appropriate actions.

Data analytics: Data analytics refers to the process of analyzing raw data in order to derive new insight, trends and conclusions from the data. These new insights can be employed to improve the present scenario, and new trends highlighted by data analytics is something that would have been lost in the midst of data but is now used to enhance the efficiency of a business.

Biometrics: Biometrics refers to the analysis or measurement of the unique behavioral and physical specifications of an individual. This technology is generally employed for identifying the individuals under suspicion and controlling the access.

Cloud computing: Delivery of on-demand computer services including storage, applications, servers, databases, software, networking, analytics and intelligence over the internet is known as cloud computing. Cloud computing basically tends to fasten the innovation, minimize the operational cost, enhance the efficiency of the infrastructure and make the resources more flexible.

Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology is a type of database. It is referred to as the structure that is used for storing or recording transactional information, preventing it from being hacked or changed. This structure is referred to as a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed and duplicated around the entire computer network.

Internet of Things: Internet of things basically refers to an interrelated system of billions of computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, animals, objects or people. This entire system is provided with unique identifiers and is employed to transfer data over a network without human intervention. Anything from as big as an airplane to as small as a chip can be made a part of the internet of things.

Computer network: Computer network refers to a group of computers that are interlinked to each other, and that makes it possible for one computer to interact with another; any files, data or applications can be easily shared within the computer network. A standard communication protocol is utilized by all these devices.

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity deals with the practice of protecting computers, mobile devices, servers, electronic system, data and network from malicious attack or unauthorized access by designing different technologies. It defends the information of the device, disruption of services and damage or theft of their software, hardware or electronic data.


Computational science: Computational science, also referred to as scientific computation, is the study and employment of advanced computing methods in order to solve various complex problems. It is a rapidly growing and exciting field that utilizes the power of computation to combat all the major natural, social science or scientific challenges.

Mobile security: Mobile device security refers to the protection of all the devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, from malicious threats and attacks that are introduced by wireless computing. Mobile security is critical because various important personal and business-related information are stored in these devices.


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Information Security: Information security refers to the development and implementation of technologies and processes to protect electronic, print or any other type of confidential, sensitive and private data from disclosure, misuse, unauthorized access and destruction. Information security deals with securing all the forms of information, whether it is private or related to your business. It is a high-speed element and constitutes several other areas of research, including Mobile computing, Cryptography, Online Social Media and Cyber Forensics.

Database and network management: The process of organizing, storing and retrieving data from a device is referred to as database management. Database management also deals with describing the data storage, security practices and operations of a database administrator. Database management also involves developing, implementing and managing the stored data in order to enhance the value of the data.

Network management: Network management deals with monitoring, operating and managing the computer networks infrastructure by employing several processes, applications and tools. Network management also includes performance management and fault analysis.

Computer technical Support: Computer technical support involves the services or assistance that are provided to the users of technology services or products. Computer technical support provides resolution to all the issues of technical services or products, including software, hardware, networks, computers etc. It is the process that allows end-users to seek and get troubleshooting, diagnostic, repair and maintenance services to a computer or other similar device.

Business software technology: Business software technology involves all the technologies that enable a business unit or organization to run its operations smoothly. Business software technology includes customer-facing solutions and applications, logistics solutions, business-critical production or back-office systems.

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